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Grover Hall

Grover Hall

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08/29/17 02:39 PM #1    

Gerald Greer

While Grover liked to play the "bad boy", he was also a fine musician.  He played the "Jazz" trumpet chair (2nd trumpet) in my 16 piece dance band  for most of our high school years.  Many of you may remember hearing him playing with us,

08/30/17 09:01 AM #2    

Tom McTernan

I was never in contact with Grover since graduating from El Camino H.S in 1965 as we went our separate ways. I remember Grover as coming from a pretty troubled and dysfuctional home, which likely had a major impact on the that "Bad Boy" persona. I believe Grover's Mom was a school teacher and his Dad was an abusive alcholoic.... I always felt Grover never stood a chance.

I'm sure many of us, while reflecting back have asked ourselves, what ever happened to certain individuals we remembered from our past. I recall experiencing such a moment involving Grover, as I always felt he had the potential of traveling down the wrong road. I believe it was in the late 70's when I read a newspaper clipping where Grover had become involved with some motorcycle gang, going by the nickname "Goucho" when he had a major brush with the law, for which I won't go into any details.

Needless to say, there's many children in our society who's futures maybe predestined based not on their influences from school and their classmates, but rather their homelife and how they might have been brought up by their parents.... Grover's story is a sad one and I'm not sure if any of us could have made a difference. What contact I had with him, which was limited in high school, he always acted like a "tough guy." I suppose he felt he had to be.......   

08/31/17 09:27 AM #3    

Cliff Grady

I do remember Grover playing the trumpet professionally in high school and also his love of motorcycles.  I actually bought my first motorcycle from a friend of Grover's while I was working as a Seasonal Firefighter for CDF.   I saw Grover once again while we were both going to American River Junior College and he's had a pretty bad motorcycle accident that he was lucky to have survived.   

08/31/17 12:11 PM #4    

Jana Reynolds (Cortez)

Thanks for posting what you remember about Grover Hall. It is all about belonging to something. So sad about his family life. He didn't have the strength to overcome what his father told him. Sad. 

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